Buy a Team India Jersey from their historic game in Brampton

On Friday, October 9, 2015, hockey history was made by The Hockey Foundation, the Ice Hockey Association of India and Brampton Beast.

NOTE: More information on the event, including the roster, a special video, and a link for a custom jersey are below...

Official Team India Jerseys, Brampton, ON
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Team India Game Worn Jerseys, Brampton, ON
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Ice Hockey is not just a game played in Europe and North America. Follow the national ice hockey team of India as they embark on a journey from the Himalayas to Canada to play against a professional hockey team. Producer: Bruce Koken

Team India played in its first-ever match in North America versus Canada's only ECHL franchise, the Brampton Beast, at the Powerade Centre in Brampton, Ontario, just outside of Toronto.  This was the first time an ECHL team competed against any national team, and it was made even more special by the fact that the team was comprised of 10 players from India and 10 players that tried out in Brampton in advance of the exhibition match.

For all of these reasons, we felt this warranted a special jersey!

As an organizer of this event, The Hockey Foundation worked with the Ice Hockey Association of India, OTB Athletic & LAGA Sports to produce this sharp, unique jersey.

Some of the main features include:

  • Throwback to traditional hockey jerseys with the shoulder bar, elbow & torso stripes and piping on the pants.
  • New color scheme, featuring blue as a primary home color, similar to India's cricket and field hockey teams.  The blue comes from the Ashoka Chakra sun in the middle of the Indian national flag.  The white jersey was designated as the away color, similar to NHL
  • stylized "Indic" script for "India" on the front, the name on the back and the captains
  • A Bengal tiger as the chest logo, in honor of India's most famous endangered animal
  • A special message added throughout the jersey: "Chakde" in English, Hindi and Punjabi.  Chakde roughly translates to "Let's Go!" and is written in the 3 languages most commonly spoken by Indian families in the Greater Toronto Area. It also adds great texture to the jersey


  1. "Official" jerseys: #15 on back & arms (for 2015), no name, assorted sizes, both colors
    • While most official jerseys are numbered 15 there is a small variety of one-off jerseys in different number/size/color combinations.  You must select the exact combination that is in stock in order for it to be available.  For example, the jersey with #2 is/was only available in Medium, #16 in Small and #1 is goalie-cut and only available in white.  If you select large for any of these jerseys, you will not be able to add to cart.
  2. Game-worn jerseys: Numbers of only rostered players, names on back for players from India, no names on back for players from North America
    • Game-worn jerseys come with matching socks and orange pant shell
      • *If matching color socks are not in stock, the opposing color will be provided*



  • 1 - Naeem Khan (G) - Goalie
  • 4 - Navdeep Chinzer - Medium
  • 15 - Gavin Fernandez - Medium
  • 19 - Karndeep Natt - Medium 
  • 22 - Sundeep Banwatt - Medium
  • 44 - Gian Bajwa - Medium
  • 55 - Harry Mahesh - Medium
  • 66 - Manraj Mann - Large
  • 77 - Gary Mahesh (C) - Large
  • 88 - Nathan Hans - Large
  • 91 - Iqbal Lehal - X-Large
  • 99 - Jay Sidhu - Medium


  • 5 - Amit Belwal - Medium
  • 6 - Rajat Malhotra - Large
  • 7 - Tsewang Gyaltson (A) - Medium
  • 9 - Nawang "DK" Zangpo - Medium 
  • 10 - Stanzin "Ule" Namgyal - Medium
  • 11 - Tundup Namgail (A) - Large
  • 21 - Stanzin "Goba" Namgyal - Medium
  • 23 - Mushtaque Giri (A) - Medium
  • 33 - Gamandeep Singh (G) - Goalie
  • 57 - Tashi Gonbo (#7)** - Medium
  • 94 - Dhruv Sachdev - Medium


* Limited inventory; While Supplies Last

** Tashi Gonbo's game worn jersey was numbered 7 instead of 57 due to an error by jersey manufacturer

*** North American players' jerseys do not have names on the back as jerseys were made before the rosters were set