About The Hockey Foundation

The pilot program of The Hockey Foundation originated from a 2009 volunteer trip to Ladakh, in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir, by hockey coach Adam Sherlip after coaching ice hockey in China in 2007 on behalf of the NHL’s New York Islanders. 

Since a 2011 return to Ladakh, Adam has journeyed to India each season with a growing group of volunteers, sponsors and partners to execute a professional hockey-coaching program in a number of locations.  By engineering equipment and book donations, certified coaching, ice rink maintenance advisement and even helping the establishment of India’s National Men’s and Women’s ice hockey teams, Adam and The Hockey Foundation are in a unique position to further cultivate the greatest game on earth not only in India, but in other underserved communities and non-traditional hockey markets across the globe.

What is our mission?

The Hockey Foundation's mission is simple:  share happiness & change lives, one puck at a time.

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How do we help?

Learn about our on/off ice coaching programming, our hockey equipment donations, and additional aspects of how The Hockey Foundation helps.


Would you like to help?

There are many ways you can help The Hockey Foundation, including making a monetary donation, an equipment donation, become a sponsor/partner, volunteer, purchase a book and/or spread the word.



Learn about the significance and imagery of The Hockey Foundation's logo.  You can even order a sticker of the logo to put on your helmet.



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From photos, to press, to postcards from all over the globe, to the latest news on The Hockey Foundation and our growing programs, keep up with our blog.


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Who's involved?

Stay tuned for bios of the Board & our awesome volunteers.


Founding the Foundation

The Hockey Foundation was founded after Adam Sherlip undertook a volunteer trip to Ladakh in 2009 to coach ice hockey (after previously coaching in China) and had his life changed by the experience.

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