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"How Hockey Helps", The Hockey Foundation

Want to learn more about #HowHockeyHelps? Hockey has the power to change lives. We see it every day in the communities we support. Watch this video to find out more about The Hockey Foundation and learn about our mission, our success to date, and how you can be a part of changing lives, one puck at a time.

India's Ice Hockey Team in Brampton, Ontario

Ice Hockey is not just a game played in Europe and North America. Follow the national ice hockey team of India as they embark on a journey from The Himalayas to Canada to play against a professional hockey team. Producer: Bruce Koken

2015-16, "How Hockey Changes Lives", Hockey Tutorial

Our partners at Hockey Tutorial created this short film about our collaborative efforts to grow the game in India:

Hockeytutorial & The Hockey Foundation together help grow hockey in India. Join us as we travel throughout northern India donating equipment and coaching. Directed by: Chris Curtiss & Chris Kibui Camera operators: Alexander Harney & Arno Robin Edited by: Chris Curtiss Email: Find out more at

2015-16, "How Hockey Arrived In India"

Again, our partners at Hockey Tutorial crafted a breath-taking segment where you will believe in India's passion for the game.

2013-14, "Hockey in the Himalayas"

Our coaching season began earlier than ever, as we ramped up in early December in Shimla, the famous hill station and capital of Himachal Pradesh, We were coaching in Ladakh before the new year.  Check out the videos from another tremendously successful season:

2013, "One Puck at a Time"

There are presently 4 videos in this playlist of our January-March, 2013 programming in Ladakh, with more to come!

2011, "Laying the Foundation"

This playlist includes a handful of journal-like entries, with great footage of hockey in Ladakh and an overview of The Hockey Foundation.

2009, "The Hockey Volunteer"

There are a lot of video playlists featured here from The Hockey Volunteer initiative that inspired The Hockey Foundation.  These videos come from: Hockey Volunteer Channel, and are raw, unedited video.  Consider yourself warned (a lot of footage is boring and/or shaky):

Hockey at SECMOL

Adam talking into his camera...

Kargil Tournament - Chiktan 

Canadian Friendship Cup

Indian National Ice Hockey Tournament 

Training the Indian Ice Hockey Team