You can help The Hockey Foundation fulfill our mission in many ways:

Sponsorship & Partnership

We are firm believers in collaboration and partnership, as per our mission and values.  If you think your organization (or an organization you are aware of) has similar principles, can add value to The Hockey Foundation and is interested in receiving recognition for supporting our cause, please contact us.  We are willing to consider all sponsorship requests carefully and will get back to you if we feel there are opportunities for sponsorship/partnership.

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If you know of a Grant that The Hockey Foundation is eligible and/or should apply for (whether public or private), please contact us and tell us all about it.

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Buy a Book

A great way to support The Hockey Foundation and our mission to change lives via ice hockey is by sending children's hockey books for us to donate to schools in under-served and/or remote communities around the world.  We've included a number of children's hockey books that are available via Amazon and support THF (if you click via our website).   

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If you're interested in coming on one of our trips, please contact us and we can coordinate details on where we will be and when and how you can volunteer your time to support The Hockey Foundation on and off the ice and have an experience like no other!

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(Monetary Donations*)

There's no doubt that the global hockey community is one filled with benevolent, charitable, philanthropic people, and that the success of our organization relies heavily on the support of those that are willing/able to support our mission.  Monetary donations are crucial to operating a non-profit.  We have low-overhead.  Your donations go directly to programming and allow us to acquire and transport more equipment to donate and affords us more time to coach the children and maximize our impact.

Donate Hockey Equipment*

Hockey Equipment donations are essential to our mission.  We try to bring as much equipment as possible on our trips, often exceeding our baggage limits in order to achieve that goal.  Monetary donations assist in covering the expense of hauling so much gear, like in the pictures below, and also enables us to buy specific pieces of equipment (such as child-size hockey sticks or pucks) for the communities we are supporting.    

Donations of Products/Services*

Sometimes people have a skill or product that can be as valuable as money or equipment, whether it be a product that can make our trips more efficient or a service that can help the growth & development of The Hockey Foundation.  If you believe you are able to support The Hockey Foundation through one of the aforementioned non-financial means, please contact us so we can determine whether your support is in line with our organization, and if so, what the fair market value of your donation would be.


*Donations to Hockey Foundation, Inc. (TheHockey Foundation) are tax-deductible as per IRS tax-exemption law.  Please consult with your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of your contribution.