Time is a Burning Flame

While time may be infinite, and immeasurable, and possibly even tangible (sorry, that was my Trekkie talking), this visit to Ladakh is not an open invitation.  Time is limited, as the Winter season will end by early-mid February.  Please keep this in mind if you are considering making a donation.

To be able to depart for India, another $2225 is needed.  This number is incredibly attainable, and I hope this basic chart will show why.

I know this is simple math, but please think about how easy it is, working together, for us to reach that goal:

  • 445 people donate $5 = $2225
  • 222 people donate $10 = $2220 (even number)
  • 111 people donate $20 = $2220 (even number)
  • 89 people donate $25 = $2225
Please consider a sponsorship package (see: Donations & Sponsorship) to help me reach this goal faster and increase branding & PR for your company.

While $3000 is the minimum needed to travel to Ladakh, my goal is to raise $4000 and provide the kids there with more resources and make our collective impact felt for years to come. If we can get 600 people to donate whatever they can spare at this time of giving, it will go a long way!

I am personally saving everything I've got right now to pay my bills when I am away from home on this volunteer trip, and the time to apply for grants passed 6 months ago, when this concept didn't exist. My only option is to appeal to the kindhearted and idealist people around the world to contribute.

I'll be sure to take pictures and video of the children you are helping bring happiness to.

Best wishes!