A quick note...

After a few discussions, it came to my attention that what I wrote in my previous post regarding money was a bit confusing. To clarify…


  • All money donated by a person to “The Hockey Volunteer” is only used for hockey related expenses, whether it be providing/shipping equipment to communities, training expenses, necessary gear, general expenses when volunteering
  • Personally donated money will never be used for administrative expenses, whether it be a business computer, office rent, etc.
  • Sponsorships, Foundation grants, and corporate donations will be the source of operating expenses, although excess revenue from these sources can also be for use on missions around the world
  • Tourism expenses not relating to a particular mission fall under my own personal budget, not that of the individual donors

ALL of these practices are what responsible organizations already do, and I just wanted to reiterate them to you.


I hope this helps.

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