Angela Ruggiero

More about How Hockey Helps

More about How Hockey Helps

This video was the culmination of many laborious hours (aka weeks) combing through months (aka years) of footage since my initial trip to the Himalayas in 2009.  My incredible team at The Hockey Foundation wanted to make sure we did things right before we were finally ready to share what we consider a very special video. 

"How Hockey Helps" is the product of 7+ years supporting ice hockey in...

Auction for a Cause

I have just posed another auction on ebay.  It is of an autographed, game-used stick from Angela Ruggiero during the 2006 Winter Olympics (pictured).  Angela was kind enough to donate this rare & valuable stick to support the cause.

ALL proceeds from the auction will be used towards this program.

Don't forget about the ebay auctions of the items donated by the NHL (Holiday presents)